The Trust Waikato Raglan Surf Life Saving Club has a bright future with a keen group of new recruits in training before the summer season even begins.
Twenty brave young volunteers are in training to become the newest group of volunteer lifeguards who patrol at Raglan’s Ngarunui beach. Collette Withers is the club’s newly appointed Chief Instructor and has a well-organised team of experienced lifeguards assisting her at the weekly training sessions. Training is open to anyone interested and is held at the Te Rapa aquatic centre on Thursdays from 6:30pm. Contact Collette on 824 7738.

A training weekend is scheduled for 23rd to 25th September at the Surf Club, located on Raglan’s Wainui Reserve. If you’d like to find out more about Surf Lifesaving then please come along. The newly elected club leaders will be present and helping with the training; Andrew Withers (President), Ashlee Butler (Club Captain), Caroline Cave (Treasurer), Brent Phillips (Chairman) and Rachel Wallis (Secretary). We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The current group of trainees are aiming to be qualified surf lifeguards before the patrolling season begins on Labour weekend. A new round of training will then begin for the next crew!
Meanwhile, senior lifeguards Josh Searle, Caroline Cave and Brent Phillips rescued two surfers and a kite boarder in rough surf in Raglan on Saturday. The unfortunate kite boarder had tangled lines and couldn’t keep his kite up in the air. The tide at the harbour mouth was racing out and taking him with it, towards the ferocious Raglan Bar. He was very thankful to have a safe trip back to shore and to be able to retrieve his valuable kite.

A little earlier, two surfers were learning at Ngarunui Beach and found themselves too far from shore and only getting further away, caught in the strongest rip on the beach. Any surfers finding themselves in this situation should paddle across the beach to where there are breaking waves, rather than fighting the current. Luckily for these two young men, help was close at hand this time, from the Trust Waikato Raglan Surf Lifeguards.

Sunday afternoon saw another kite boarder rescued in the harbour mouth, this time interrupting the club’s regular committee meeting. This may have been serendipitous timing, with many experienced lifeguards available to help.

Spring has only just sprung and already the surf lifeguards are busy! Perhaps this is a warning for all of us about the care needed when enjoying our unique outdoor playground.