Welcome to the new year! What better way to start than by giving your body a fresh start by supporting your liver to help it get rid of the excess that was incurred over the busy end of year period.

We have specially made up a new detox tonic to help you with this. Our new No 7 detox formula contains the following herbs:

Burpleurum: A traditional Chinese Medicinal herb that has been used for over 2000 years for its detoxification properties and ability to ‘remove heat from the liver’.

Globe Artichoke: A well-researched herb that has been found to increase bile production, increase the excretion of cholesterol and protect the liver. Historically Globe artichoke was used for body odour, probably due to its ability to help clear the liver.

Dandelion Root: This bitter herb has both an effect on the liver and kidneys. The root has more of an effect on the liver and the leaves the kidneys. Its bitter taste stimulates the production of bile which aids digestive potential and increases metabolic waste through the faeces. This enables the liver to process more waste from the blood, benefiting all tissues by removing the accumulation of pollutants.

Rosemary: A powerful antioxidant herb that helps with the second phase of detoxification, which converts fat soluble compounds into water soluble compounds, allowing them to be excreted.

Yellow Dock: A herb traditionally used for clearing the blood, liver and skin. It stimulates bile secretion and bowel action removing metabolic waste.

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