If you look down Bow Street on any given day throughout summer, you’re sure to see a long queue winding its way out of Roll Up–Young and old anxiously waiting for that sweet treat to cool them off.

Roll Up has been in the care of Teresa and her girls for the past three years. Offering up 19 tasty flavours of ice cream, as well as smoothies and their specialty real fruit ice creams made with fresh fruit.

In addition to the ice cream and wraps, Teresa introduced burritos to the menu, which quickly became a local favourite.

In 2014 they extended the shop and opened up the back for food orders. Accessed via Volcom Lane, the space has been transformed into a small sitting area, surrounded by a miniature garden. Grapes and tomatoes can be seen growing up the walls in the summer, and green chillies and more filling in-between.

Even though there are only a handful of items on the menu, I still find myself debating between a burrito or a wrap (extreme style, of course) …and then the dilemma of having either one made up as a salad. But my usual goto when I just can’t make up my mind is an extreme lamb salad with mint and sweet chilli sauce. Hits the spot every time.

Another addition to the menu is Teresa’s infamous Southwest Chicken Soup. Brought back each year when the weather cools off, along with the beef and veggie chillies. You’ll also find a soup special on order–a most recent favourite was the Onion Soup.

This week’s lunch featured the chicken burrito salad with a small cup of the veggie chilli on the side. Both topped off with cilantro and tomatoes, fresh avocado and freshly picked chillies from the garden. It was my first time trying the veggie chilli, and by the time my spoon hit the bottom, I was wishing for more. If you find yourself feeling a bit under the weather, ask her for extra chillies on the top of your order, it’s bound to take care of any little winter time bug.

Teresa recently started using free range chicken, and gets as much locally from Jon Wok as she can. Paired with a few of her secret ingredients, from the wraps to the soups, you’ll get a mouthful of flavour with every bite.

Whether you are taking care of your sweet tooth with a real fruit ice cream in front, or you’re after a filling lunch, Roll Up has something for everyone. Pop by Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to find your favourite Roll Up fix.

Karamea Puriri