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One to “See” at Combined Artist studios

A collection of photos of our coastline is the subject of the latest exhibition at Combined Artist Studios and Gallery.

About the show

See is a collection of works in progress by Sam Cunnane. Through these ‘boring photos of the sea’ the artist explores how our sense of place is constructed as much from what we experience (or see) in (or from) a place as it is from what that place looks like itself. These photos are all shot from the same place — a lookout on the West Coast, just south of Raglan. The lookout itself is reasonably nondescript, but the view, the experience of being there, is significant for the artist.

The exhibition also features two short videos — Frying Pan Lake and Wildlife Experience — which arose out of a trip to Rotorua with a family member from the USA. The artist considers how New Zealand is presented for international consumption: easily accessed portions of wilderness, with a café and gift shop at the end of each short walk.

Exhibition on 28 August — 10 September 2010
Open Mon to Fri 10-2pm, Sat 11-1pm
Combined Artist Studios and Gallery, 11 Bankart St, Raglan
Please phone Amanda for more information 027 671 3320

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