The new online business of local jeweller Cheri Milek has already generated orders from around the world.

Cheri, who is based in Raglan, has only had her EarthandStoneNZ website up and running for about two weeks, but has already received orders from England, Australia and Raglan.

She is selling a range of moulded resin and crystal jewellery, using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote herself as well her new website,

She is making mostly rings at the moment but plans to include pendants, earrings and men’s jewellery in future.

“The possibilities are endless when you’re online. It’s hard to be on Facebook and Instagram and all that while being online, but it’s really cool,” she says.

Cheri has been making jewellery for several years, experimenting with different types of materials.

While travelling in South East Asia she was making macramé and crystal jewellery, but saw on her return to New Zealand that others were already producing similar jewellery here.

“I wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary… and I saw this thing [resin and crystal jewellery] on Pinterest [website], so that’s where the inspiration came from.”

Cheri, who is expecting her first child in July, also works for her father, Jwan Milek, at his Raglan Photo Gallery. Between customers she can be found sanding her rings in her dad’s workshop.

“My long-term plan is to become a successful jewellery designer and to have that as my main income,” she says.

The jewellery business is highly competitive, with a huge range of products and creative ability on the market already.

“[But] I feel my product is something new, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.”

Rachel Benn

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