Make sure you don’t miss Raglan’s own premiere of Rip Curl’s new surf documentary FLOAT. A great watch on a quiet Wednesday night, head down to the YOT Club at 9pm to catch up with friends and play some free pool.

In 2010, Rip Curl loaded up the Quest 1 and embarked on a six-month boat trip from one end of the Indonesian archipelago to the other, in search of lonely shores, virgin waves and adventure. The end result is “Float”, a story of adventure and surfing spirit and the surfers who put their lives on hold to chase it by sea.
From perfect waves to cabin fever – Float lives the surfing dream and takes you everywhere except a final destination.

Starring Rip Curl’s international “A-Team” of surfers like Owen Wright, Mick Fanning, Matt Wilkinson and Alana Blanchard, “Float” harkens back to the iconic “Search” films of the early nineties, when legendary Searchers like Tom Curren and Frankie Oberholzer pioneered new world-class waves and inspired countless surfers to head out in search of their own exotic lineup. Now, a decade later, Curren and Oberholzer joined a new generation of surfers on board the Quest 1, searching farther, going deeper and encountering new challenges.

13,000 ISLANDS, 
25,000 BINTANGS