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Raglan a hotspot for Permaculture

Raglan is definitely a hotspot for Permaculture in New Zealand.
With a number of intensive courses being held in Raglan over the last 20 years or so, a growing network of locals have developed a large body of knowledge on the subject and an abundance of impressive and interesting projects, properties and organizations have arisen and been developed along permaculture principles.

Permaculture is about values, visions, designs and systems of management that are based on holistic understanding. It is particularly about our relationships with nature and the design and redesign of natural resource management systems, so that these natural resources may support the health and well-being of all generations, present and future.

Anchoring permaculture design is a set of ethics and principles that guide practitioners along their path toward sustainability. Permaculture design can be applied to any system be it a building site, a small or large business, a school, a home garden or a farm.

In March this year, Raglan will host another 2-week intensive Permaculture Design Certificate course. It will be held at Solscape and delivered by the Raglan Permaculture Network. The course will cover the international curriculum and on completion, participants will receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Certificate. A vast array of subjects will be covered including ‘Permaculture Philosophy and Design’, ‘Built Environment’, ‘Soils, Composting and Fertility’, ‘Energy and Appropriate Technology’ and ‘Landscape and Site Assessment’ to name a few.

Course dates are 12-26 March and residential or non-residential options are available to a limited number of participants. For more information please contact Solscape.
Ph 07 825 8268 or email — web —

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