Last Friday Raglan Area School celebrated Pink Shirt Day as part of a national campaign against bullying.

The student leadership team took charge of the day, organising activities like face painting and pink dress-up competition as well as a Pink Disco for students in years 3-6.

Pink Shirt Day started in a high school in Canada in September 2007. A new student wore a pink shirt on his first day and was harassed and threatened by other students.  Two senior students went home that day and purchased 50 pink shirts to distribute to classmates to wear and stand up against bullying.  This spontaneous protest was acknowledged round the world and many countries now participate in Pink Shirt/Anti-Bullying Days.  In 2012 the United Nations officially declared May 4th as Anti-Bullying Day.

This year in NZ, Pink Shirt Day was celebrated on Friday 20th May.  The NZ message is one of taking action: SPEAK UP. STAND TOGETHER. STOP BULLYING.  Small actions lead to larger actions that lead to social change.  Pink Shirt Day is an opportunity to stand up and celebrate the rich diversity in our community and to support positive messages of healthy relationships and kindness.

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