Imagine an open, multi-functional space for freedom of creative expression in a beautiful and iconic area of Raglan. Imagine a collection of designers, artists and other craftspeople and a central artisan market, a hub and platform for local artists and cottage businesses to create and sell. Imagine handmade jewellery, carvings, drawings, paintings, pesto quirky inventions and whimsical surprises.

This Labour weekend (October the 21st) kicks off the opening of Raglan Artisan at the wharf. Come and join us as we breathe life into one of the only original buildings remaining in the aftermath of the great wharf fire of 2010.

We at Raglan Artisan pride ourselves on being inclusive, open and non-judgemental. We aim to create a space serving the Raglan community and welcome community participation, bridging the gap between local artists, local business and local people. We have limited stall spaces and studios available.

There are four studio/office spaces, twelve stalls for the weekend markets and a gallery space where local and non-local artists can exhibit their creations. There is also potential for performance space in the future. The market stalls are $25 per day, the studio spaces are $100 per week for long-term use and spaces are filling up fast.
If you’d like to be part of this venture please contact Tony — 021 074 8382, Chantal or Jemma on 0221963710 or