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Raglan bar tests mettle of North island paddler

Aussie Gynes Ramsbottom-Isherwood has spent the past four months kayaking around the North Island of New Zealand. Along the way he’s battled huge swells and collisions with breakwaters but he found himself truly tested today when attempting to kayak through the Raglan bar.
The sizeable swell capsized his vessel and after spending what he thinks was a good 20 minutes clinging to the side, Gynes decided to beat a retreat to the sanctuary of shore. “It was a lot bigger out there than it looked from shore,” he said ruefully.
Gynes started his adventure on 28th November and to date is 30 km short of paddling 2000 km. He headed north from Auckland, making his way down the east coast and back up the west. Come Monday he hopes the swell will have eased sufficiently to allow him another attempt at the infamous bar crossing. Meanwhile he’ll be making the most of his weekend in Raglan. He’s already spent several days in town, waiting for the right weather conditions and “fueling up on bacon and eggs” in the cafes. He says the highlight of his trip has been the kindness and hospitality of the Kiwi people. “I’ve never come across such wonderful people,” he says.
Gynes has been keeping a blog of his journey. Read more of his adventures here.

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