As a fairly new Raglan resident, I was most definitely keen to check out last weekend’s Classic Car show, and see how Kiwi’s do things when it comes to the meeting of petrol heads on mass!

As a classic car owner from from the UK, I go to a good few car shows each year; mainly Classic VW orientated as I own and love a shiny 1300 ’72 Beetle. So, I eagerly headed into town on Sunday morning with my camera to see Raglan’s turnout. I wasn’t disappointed! Bow Street was lined both sides with shining examples of vehicles from a multitude of eras, and hundreds of enthusiasts to boot. A large number of the cars on show seemed to be American imports which I always like to see as they aren’t quite so abundant in the UK, and I fully appreciated what a mission getting some of those ‘tanks’ out to Raglan must have been! Steep terrain and sharp, winding bends aren’t particularly conducive to an easy ride in something that takes up more then half the road!
I was excited to see a nice collection of Hot Rodded beauties too – including the super shiny Ford ’32 parked in front of Harbour View, which turned out to be a brand new build with only a few hundred K’s on the clock! THAT’S why it was so shiny and the panels so straight!

A great show, with some spectacular examples. The only downside was that it made me miss my beautiful Bug!