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Raglan Club’s new offerings are sure to please patrons

Raglan Club is proving a popular venue for top bands to perform in front of hundreds of locals.

“Our space is excellent for these sorts of events. It’s been great to also see Raglan residents, who are not necessarily yet members of the club come along and enjoy what we have to offer,” says Manager Chris Lourie.
The club now has a large-screen projector TV beaming images on the wall.

“With a little notice we’re happy for groups to come and watch a special event. It’s all part of being part of this community just like the way we open our doors to host community fundraising events.”

Come Friday 1st August a new chapter in the club’s history will begin when the soon to be named and revamped dining room, complete with new chef and staff, opens its doors. It’s a moment Chris is looking forward to and to celebrate local entertainers Rob and Dee’s karaoke will be in full swing as well as Geoff playing clarinet and sax.

“I’m really excited by the ideas and energy our new chef Gary LeComte is bringing to the club. He has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and with the improvements we’re making to the look and feel of the space there’s no looking back.”

Meanwhile with a low $20 subscription the club’s membership continues to grow. Chris says it’s been especially good to see so many young families join.

“I can see with summer approaching that our outside family BBQ garden area will really come into its own. There’s plenty of space for families to enjoy socialising together.”

For those curious about what the club has to offer, staff are happy to sign patrons in for a visit or two. Raglan Club is open every day of the week.

Sue Russell

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