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Raglan Community Radio celebrates 20 years on air

From its humble beginnings, Raglan Community Radio has come a long way from the “tape decks and live DJs” and can now celebrate a relationship with the Raglan community which has spanned across two decades.

Raglan Community Radio station manager Aaron Mooar, who has been with the station since 2003, said it first went to air on November 5 in 1994 broadcasting from Raglan Area School.

“That was the day it started…using tape decks and live DJs.”
Aaron said that this equipment limited the station’s potential in the early years with “no automation” to keep the station running without a DJ present.

This meant that if there was no one at the station, there was nothing on the air, he said.
As time went by, the station was able to buy more advanced technology which meant that the station had the ability to broadcast without a DJ present.

“They were very excited when they got a ten-disc CD player… that was their automated DJ.”
This technology, however, also had its limitations because if a DJ “forgot” to press the repeat button on the system then early morning listeners would hear nothing being broadcasted, Aaron said.

Fast forward to 2014 and the station is on a computerised system with a line-up of DJs hosting regular shows throughout the week.

However, this computerised system is in need of upgrading as it is running an older operating system that is no longer supported making it vulnerable to security threats, Aaron said.

“The computer is the centre of everything in a radio station.”

The station applied to the Waikato District Council for funding in this year’s Annual Plan and received $3,000 for the purchase of two new computers and to help meet the costs of organising a gathering planned for the station’s 20 year anniversary.

“We’re having a gathering with everyone who had something to do with the station…there must be over a hundred.
“We want ex-DJs that want to come along to the gathering to get in touch with us 825 2981 or email”

Marcia Ahern

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