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Raglan documentary inspiration for Heartland Series

Winner of the 1989 LIFTA award, this documentary will be a real blast from the past for some locals.
Filmed in 1987 by director, poet, presenter and kiwi celebrity, Gary McCormick, Raglan by the Sea explores the intricacies of living in the quirky seaside village that is Raglan.

Check out the synopsis here:

“Gary McCormick goes west to Raglan, and asks: “What goes on here? Why do people live here? What do they do?”. To find out he goes surfing on the famous left-hand point break, hangs with hippies, catches Midge Marsden and the Mudsharks at the Harbour View Hotel, and discusses land rights with kaumatua Sam Kereopa. The recipe – McCormick as genial small town anthropologist getting to know the locals – earned the documentary a 1989 LIFTA award, and later inspired the long-running Heartland series. Raglan was an early producer credit for Finola Dwyer (An Education).” – From TVNZ

“What has protected the town from becoming a sort of ticky-tack, Bay of Islands pink shirt and white shoes holidaymakers’ paradise is apparently the black sand.”
— McCormick looks at the lay of the land

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