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Raglan film continues on its winning way

A proud Raglan father considers his daughter’s success at this month’s V48HOURS awards a David versus Goliath achievement.
Micah Puklowski’s film Gone, a dark time-travel film set in Raglan, won the Hamilton heats earlier this month before winning Best All Girls Team at the country’s largest short filmmaking awards in Auckland.
Her father Mike said the film faced tough competition from professional actors and production companies and he considers her award a win for the underdog.
“It was a bit like David and Goliath — Micah’s small team of four didn’t have high definition gear and it’s a big ask to go up against professionals that film for a living. She was in the country’s top 11 films from more than 600 entries, that’s such a great result.”
Micah travelled to the awards ceremony in Auckland with her parents Mike and Susie, her brother Finn, her lead actress Ezra O’Connell and Tara Proctor who worked behind the scenes on the film, to see the grand final screened live on C4.
Mike says watching his daughter’s film on the big screen was a very personal experience.
“There’s a huge sense of involvement watching Micah’s films; we get to see our local town, our house — and of course, she’s our daughter too.
“I hope this will be a turning point for Micah, when people stand up and start taking notice of what she is doing.”
Ant Timpson, organiser for the country’s V48 Hour competition, said Micah’s film was one of the darker time travel stories he’d seen.
“I think it’s really admirable that they didn’t go for any laughs. They just went for ‘let’s tell a story, a really good story’ but kept it kind of ambiguous and left it up to the audience to interpret as they like. I think it’s a really strong impressive film.”
For Micah who grew up wanting to make films like Steven Spielberg, seeing her film on the big screen at the award ceremony was like a dream come true.
“I want to make people feel, to laugh and cry and be entertained on an emotional roller coaster ride. Hopefully winning this award at a national level will be a stepping stone to greater things.
“It was definitely the icing on the 48hr creative cake.”
Ceana Priest

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