Lonely Planet’s new edition of the New Zealand travel guide hit the bookshop shelves today – and Raglan is rated number 5 in the book’s Top 10 picks, ahead of the Tongariro National Park and Rotorua.
The book is the first of four new guidebooks to New Zealand that Lonely Planet is releasing in 2010.
The latest book gives good old Kiwi hospitality the thumbs up, saying “There’s one dimension of a trip to New Zealand that you probably haven’t counted on: The extent to which the average Kiwi will genuinely want you to have a really, really good time.”
This year Lonely Planet included New Zealand in their top 10 countries to visit, with New Zealand’s spectacular landscapes part of the appeal. “Add a hearty pinch of lens-friendly wildlife, proud Maori culture, and fine food and drink, and it’s easy to see why the natives are so chilled.”