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Raglan Sunday Sessions: a movement for the people

Music is the messenger, and for the Raglan Sunday Session organisers that speaks for itself. Sunshine, cold drinks, and, most importantly, great sounds are what to expect as the summer kicks in, bringing the famous Sunday Sessions back in the Yot Club yard for some true culture.

Starting at 4.20pm, this weekly free event has gathered some serious praise and heart-warming reviews…
The sessions’ contagious vibe is the home of roots world and bass heavy conscious sounds. You can also get the taste of Beijing inspired street cuisine from Bing King between 5pm and 10pm.

So come rock your salty hair and summer dress and join the hype.

Child friendly event till 8pm… a time for families to get out and socialise a little too!
With a big line up of DJ’s/producers, musicians and MCs, it’s gonna be a festive summer..

Join Raglan Sunday Sessions on facebook to stay tuned..

Stephen Reid

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