The Trust Waikato Raglan Surf Life Saving Club (TWRSLSC) is celebrating the success of ten of their newest members qualifying as Surf Life Guards. The beach is set to be a safer place this summer with this boost in volunteers overseeing the safety of Ngarunui Beach goers.

Chief Instructor, Colette Withers congratulated all of the new lifeguards and encouraged them, saying “this is just the beginning of your life guard journey; there are so many rewards and opportunities for further development in Surf Life Saving”.

The surf conditions on Saturday were “rough and a good challenge for the new life guards to be tested in” said Caroline Cave, Senior Life Guard. “We are very proud of the achievements of these young men and women”, added Caroline.

“Qualifying so many new surf life guards is a great step towards accomplishing one of our targets for the season ahead” said Brent Phillips, TWRSLSC Chairperson. Brent and the new club leaders are “excited at the progress we are making” having only been together as a team for less than two months.

The TWRSLSC welcomes anyone interested in becoming a surf life guard or supporter.
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