It was Saturday, the 10th of August. Young girls dolled up and guys turned themselves into gentlemen for a night to remember. It was the night of the Raglan Area School’s senior ‘Crystal’ Ball.

Just like every other senior school ball, Raglan Area had an amazing ball committee, built up of the school’s year 11 – 13’s, who worked for weeks to turn the town hall into a sparkling wonderland for other senior students and teachers to enjoy.

And what an incredible job they did. This year, the ball committee went above and beyond, creating what has been called ‘maybe the best Senior Ball to be held in the past few years’. Awesome music, great food and a gorgeous set up. In the end, it was a great turn out for Raglan Area School’s seniors.

Big thanks to everyone that helped out – our lovely young waitresses, parents and those in the community – to make the 2013 senior ball a great success.

Khusbu Patel (Student Raglan Area School)