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Raglan Timebank: Strengthening the Community

What is Timebanking? Timebanking is a way of giving and receiving time and skills to build supportive networks and strong communities.

It builds on the “pay it forward” concept with one good turn leading to another.  No money is not involved; all exchanges are done through time credits.

Raglan Timebank provides a way for residents to meet like minded people and become more involved in the community. Membership is open to everyone. The Raglan Timebank currently has 185 members. Some of the skills on offer include math tuition, making sourdough, vegan cooking, pottery, te reo Maori lessons, miniature pony rides, making kombucha and much more.

The Whaingaroa Environment Centre (WEC) started Raglan Timebank in 2012 with the aim to build a resilient community by connecting people and enabling them to share and swap skills, time and resources.  Raglan Timebank uses an on-line membership system to record exchanges.  As well as individual exchanges, Raglan Timebank organises coffee mornings, pot luck dinners, workshops and working bees to help to grow the Timebank and support WEC projects.

Timebank recognises that every person has useful skills to share. Sharing these skills creates and promotes well-being and helps communities to flourish and thrive. Everyone’s time is considered equal. Every hour that is given yearns a time credit. This credit can then be used to “buy” services from other Timebank members.  Research shows strengthening community bonds decreases social isolation and increases sustainability and resilience in communities. Timebank members really value being able to connect with others and try out new things.

If you would like to find out more about Raglan Timebank the coordinator, Sharon Tribe is at WEC on Thursday’s from 12pm-1.30pm or you can email Sharon at

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