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Raglan top choice for Knights video shoot

A couple of weekends ago Hamilton-based band, Knights of the Dub Table shot the music video for their track ‘Fly’ at a stunning location overlooking Manu Bay.

“Our first sold out gig was here actually,” said lead vocalist Reti Hedley.

“The support here has been overwhelming even though we’re from Hamilton. We naturally gravitated towards Raglan, we didn’t even think about anywhere else really.”

Renowned for their energetic live performances, the seven-piece band have developed their own flavor of dub, mixing elements of electronica and reggae as well as live MCing, a punching horn section, heavy bass lines and uplifting, conscious lyrics.

With most of the recording taking place on Sunday, a group of friends and supporters gathered for what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon in the sun with almost 180-degree views of the Raglan coastline.

Working in collaboration with exciting new film crew, Adventure Artists, the Knights played a live rendition of ‘Fly’ (off 2011 album The Way of the Dub), their fourth music video to date.

“We really like their style and their songs and we eventually met up and got together for this project. We base ourselves around a more organic business model, anyone who has talent will contribute in their own way at any given time, so it’s really collaborative,” said video director Mark Russell.

Forming in 2008, the Knights have played in Raglan on a number of occasions now and have received numerous accolades from the media and other musicians alike.

Already playing alongside the likes of Katchafire, Rhombus, The Black Seeds, Kora, Groundation (USA), Nesian Mystik, dDub, Optimus Gryme, the Open Souls and more, they have another busy year planned ahead for 2013.

With the video shoot done and dusted, they’re hoping to carve out a new sound this year while keeping busy with a new album in the works.

Keep a look out for their soon-to-be-released music video, featuring stunning Raglan scenery and even a few familiar faces on their Facebook page:

Maki Nishiyama

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