Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival Three environmental films for $5! Friday 9 September 7:00pm-9:00pm
At: Old School Arts Centre

Cowboys In India
Investigates a London-based corporation’s mining of tribal lands in a remote part of India. Turns the lens on itself, making this not just a film about a particular controversy, but about documentary film-making itself.

Tide of Change
Documents the stories of the people in a small seaside village of Lllisiana, Solomon Islands, at a time when extreme high tides due to climate change and the loss of a loved one interweaves the stories of the people and the rising sea.

A Mongolian Couch
In a city of tower blocks and tents comes a unique story of energy and enterprise, as Begzsuren, an extremely forward-thinking Mongolian, welcomes guests into his home from all over the world to exchange ideas and culture.