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Ride the Green Wave

Ride the Green Wave

Green Wave Surf School


I t doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or looking to take the next step in your surfing, Green Wave caters to all ages and ability levels.

Come share their passion for surfing and the ocean!

Green Wave Raglan offers high-quality, fun and affordable surf lessons.

Their team is comprised of three qualified instructors who have a combined 30 years of experience coaching in Raglan, led by former local professional surfer Zennor Wernham.

Lessons run daily from Ngarunui Beach.

As conditions are always changing, this can quite often affect the quality of a lesson. Because of this, the lessons are always run in time with the best tides. No two lessons are ever the same!

Be sure to check the fortnightly lesson schedule on the Green Wave Raglan Facebook page or by calling 021 0841 3481.

Free photos are included in all lessons, and there is a stand up or money back guarantee!

For those really hooked on surfing, progressive lessons are offered at discounted rates.

All of the surfboards and wetsuits are new this season. The boards are safe and user-friendly.

A wide range of rentals is also available.

The Green Wave team is passionate about what they do and take pride in running safe, technical and – most of all – FUN lessons. And because the team runs small, personable groups, the instructors can focus on each individual student, catering to their needs in the water.

For all bookings and inquires email or phone 021 0841 3481.

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