Sally Peel, a Speech Language Therapist in Raglan is passionate about helping people with speech difficulties. “Most people take talking for granted.

Yet, 10% of children have a communication difficulty. Some struggle to develop vocabulary or make sentences. Others have difficulty articulating words or processing language. There are adults who have lost communication skills, for example, after suffering a stroke.”

“State funded speech language therapy does not meet the needs of everyone with a communication difficulty. Yet many children make fabulous progress in response to therapy. Research supports that early intervention is important for the best outcomes and can impact positively on learning, behaviour, confidence and social skills.”

Sally moved to NZ from the UK in 2007 with her husband Robert and their two cats. In Palmerston North, Sally gained her Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Teaching whilst working as a Speech Language

Therapist for the MOE. She had many an adventure visiting rural homes. “It was a bit tough at first because I have a fear of cows. I often found myself on a gravel road waiting to get past a herd going for milking! However, I really enjoyed meeting families and learning about rural life.”

With over 20 years’ experience, Sally feels that it is time to step into independent practice. She helps people with all sorts of communication difficulties including unclear speech, delayed and disordered language development, stuttering, autism and early speech anxiety.

All enquiries about speech and language difficulties are welcome.

Contact Sally on: 07 8250434 or