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School creates a ‘Circus’

On Thursday 20 September, at Te Mata School, we, the students, performed a fantastically, stupendous show called “The Circus”.

The show was about a group of five children who were at home and bored during the holidays. An advertisement comes onto the TV for a Circus and they are enticed to go on an adventure. The children arrive at the circus and spend their entire time backstage with different groups to learn a lesson about life (taken from our schools ‘Fish Philosophy’)

Meeting the “Strong men” taught Kane to be happy with who he is and not try to impress others by acting cool. Josh learned from the “Clowns” that you don’t need to be a clown to make others laugh and like you. The “Lions” taught Mason that you can’t make others do what you want them to do by being bossy. Aiesha learned to be your own person and not always follow others when she met the “Ballerinas”, and the “Acrobats” showed Zara that it isn’t always a good thing to be the centre of attention.

There were two shows held, a matinee and an evening show. Both of them saw the Te Mata hall full to the brim and buzzing with energy. Everybody who came to the show was so impressed with the energy, enthusiasm and skills displayed by us all on stage. The best part about it was that every child in our school was involved and had a wonderful time.

We would like to give an enormous thank you to everybody who helped and supported us for this performance. It was enjoyable keeping what we were doing a surprise from our parents and seeing the looks of delight on their faces on the night made it all worth while.

Linda Holmes.

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