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School gala draws generous crowd

The biannual Te Uku Gala was an example of an event from a bygone era. Te Uku parents banded together to create a gala with a circus theme which drew in hundreds from the wider Raglan Community.

One of the chief organisers, Rachel Bidios, summed up the day. “It was such a great success in fundraising but more then that, it was a fantastic community day for the tamariki of not only our school but surrounding and visiting children, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Like the galas and fetes of yesteryear there was apple bobbing, gumboot throwing, candy floss and fairground rides. There was a market atmosphere with stalls of goods on offer as well as students offering their expertise such as henna tatoos and crazy hairdos to raise money for their school.

There was a range of street food available and other novel activities on offer including plate smashing and riding high on a scissor lift to view the surrounding area.

The day finished with the arrival of the Raglan Fire service who generously pumped water down the water slide in the neigbouring paddock for the kids to enjoy. ‘It was probably my favourite part of the day’ said Bidios “Our local volunteer fire fighters made it possible, the bigger kids went down with the little kids, the firemen let the children hold the hose, it was just lovely”

The event has become a fixture on the Raglan events diary. The Te Uku School FRC will be aiming to create an even bigger and better Gala day for 2016 with loads of family fun to be had by all says Arnika Taranaki, another of the organisers.

“We have heaps of exciting plans up our sleeve so be sure to come along next time and join the Circus.”

From the commitee:
We would like to extend a huge thanks to all our parents, families, friends and teachers who made this awesome day a success. Also not to forget all those who donated prizes and their time, Skoot, The Shack, The Sugar Bowl cafe crew, The Herbal Dispensary, Dunstun animal feeds, Tonic, Raglan Barbers, Villagrad Vineyard, Raglan Surf Emporium, Raglan Surf Co, Rockit, Kim Waterson Jewellery, Raglan Kayaks, Madaz, Porter Group, Miro Feeds and Sayer Landscaping.

J Kay


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