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Seasons of change

Many of you will notice a change when you next come into The Herbal Dispensary. Kirsty, our lovely Scottish food department coordinator, is moving in a new direction within Raglan.

Kirsty has been with us for over three years. She started in October 2013 as a shop assistant with a passion for food. Her role in the shop quickly developed into ordering and selecting new, exciting and trending food products.

Change is never an easy time for us, but often necessary for growth. It makes us question ourselves and our beliefs. It challenges our way of thinking to explore whether what has served us in the past will continue to serve us in the future.

Here are some helpful herbs and Bach flowers:

Withania: one of the most important herbs for the adrenals and nervous system. This herb allows you to cope with whatever challenges life throws at you with a calmer mind.

Holy basil: Commonly known as tulsi, has been a revered plant in Ayurvedic medicine for over 3000 years as a great adaptogenic herb.

Walnut: a Bach flower that offers protection and constancy when going through change.

Scleranthus: a Bach flower that is good for balancing, it can help when trying to decide between two things, first one seeming right and then the other.

Kirsty’s knowledge and readiness to help customers with food queries, her quick wit and great sense of humour will be really missed by us here and we take this time to wish her all the best for her future ventures.

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