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Learn to sew and love the Earth!

Kia ora, I’m Sarah Sew Love and I love sewing fun, bright, pattern clashing products to help us all smile and have fun while consciously loving the earth!

Raglan is a very special place with loads of nature to get out in and enjoy – I sew with this in mind. Sew Love products all have low to zero travel miles, are made 100% from repurposed offcuts and op shopped fabrics, and are crafted with care so you can enjoy them for years. This also means every item is one of a kind – just like you!

Get out, movin’ and groovin’ more in a bum bag made from repurposed offcuts.

Honour the sea we splashed in with a fun unique surf poncho made from 2nd hand towels.

Choose to reuse and join the Reusable Raglan kaupapa with a snackage package cutlery kit.

Be a rad human and support our plastic free local bakers with a BERAD (intentionally misspelt) bread bag, to use over and over again.

Get your self involved!

Shop online via Raglan Creative Market – Sunday 11th Jan and Feb 9th Zero waste kits stocked at Whaingaroa Environment Centre. Book a summer sewing session to learn to sew your very own:

@sewlovenz on socials #sewlovetheearth

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