With the warm sunny days of last weekend still fresh in our minds it is great to know that summer is on its way.

Detox is a term that has become very well used in the natural health industry, however we prefer to think of detox as a move towards a varied, balanced diet and generally a healthier way of living.

If you are considering a full detox below are a few handy tips that you could incorporate into your day and consider as a pre detox:
• Start the day with citrus juice in water – lemon or grapefruit are good.

• If you have been skipping breakfast, don’t, start the day with a healthy breakfast with a protein serve included.

• If you really can’t manage a meal have a smoothie or fresh juice and add in spirulina powder or essential greens mix.

• Have a salad serve daily to help increase digestive enzymes and the nutrient uptake of your food.

• 6Exercise in the morning, this helps boost the natural detoxification process, if exercising at night keep it low impact.

Supplements that you could consider pre-detox include spirulina, bowel biotics, dandelion beverage, aloe vera juice, digestive and wellbeing herbal tea and chlorella.

If you would like professional help with a detox program come and see us, we also offer all types of clinical testing including environmental toxins, allergy, mineral status, hormonal, adrenal and digestive tests.

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