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Finally, summer has arrived and with the heat comes all the things that bite and sting us.

We have had countless customers come into the shop with an assortment of welts due to wasps, mosquitos, sandflies and jellyfish.

So, what can we do to relieve it?

1) Remove the biting/stinging thing as soon as possible. For jellyfish, it’s recommended to wash the area in seawater to deactivate the stinging cells, rinse with vinegar or baking soda. I prefer to keep the area really cool with ice but some people are better applying heat.


2) Homeopathic remedies

a. Apis: For any area that is hot and burning. Supports the immune system after insect bites. Great for wasp and bee stings.

b. Ledum: For puncture wounds and insect bites. Person is better for cold.

3) Herbal Creams: Chickweed is the main herb that helps relieve itching.

a. Chickweed gel: Has the added benefit of aloe vera and peppermint to cool the area.

b. Chickweed ointment: The traditional way that chickweed was used.

c. Insect repellent ointment: A combination of essential oils which helps prevent insect bites but can also be used to soothe bites if they occur.

4) Herbal tonics:

a. Allergy ease: A combination of herbs that help with allergic reactions and excess release of histamine. Take in acute doses to reduce the swelling that occurs if you react to a bite/sting.

Come and speak to one of our qualified practitioners to find out what remedy would best suit you.

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