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Surf Safe: the new skool on the beach

January 2011 will Blast off with a rush of excitment and fun as Surf Safe Surf Coaching Raglan launches the kids Surfing holiday programmes. The qualified Swim Coaches / Surf Coaches at Surf Safe have been training kids to swim up to 400m at Water World Te Rapa and can’t wait to unleash the kids into their full surfing potential this summer down on the beach. The first of 5 programmes starts 8am Monday the 3rd January is 4 hours per day and finishes 12pm Thursday. Price $156 each. The other dates are Jan 10, 17, 24, 31.
Every day will be different covering Surfing technique, Ocean Swimming, Beach Education, Water Safety, Kids Tow Surfing Eco Style, Kids Stand Up Paddle Board and Fun Beach games. Each programme is aimed at 10 energetic, resilient, obedient kids aged 7-15years who want to get into surfing ! All kids need a huge breakfast, 50m swimming ability, and Adult Supervision for each half day.
Surf Safe caters for tourists, young adults and kids from Oct — May twice daily . All students get a correct fitting full length wetsuit, High Viz rash vest, and Soft Surfboard for the 3 hour lessons on Ngarunui beach.
More info
Beginner Group Surf lessons 3 hour Adult $75 Kids $55
One to one, Beginner to Advanced
1- 5 day courses

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