Swing culture is sweeping the world. Now the dance to fit, Lindy Hop, is swingin on in to Raglan this Saturday.
Why Raglan, and Why Swing?! Well, starting from an unforgettable 30th Birthday party with a packed room of people dressed to the Nines dancing like it was 1929, 2 keen Raglaners then headed over the hill for classes. WE WERE HOOKED! Hooked on Lindy Hop’s countless charms! Its beautiful and dapper outfits; its cheeky and fun attitude, and its moves: Spins, kicks, and added quirky bits! Wouldn’t this be so good to see in Raglan, we thought…

So with some ‘subtle’ suggestion in our teachers’ ears we convinced them to bring their swingin dance to the seaside! Result: A 2 hour workshop in the arvo learning the moves and an awesome band called Blue Tuxedo that evening where you can pull them out!

The workshop will be brimming with fun, energy and style. It’s easy – anyone from any dance background, age or ability can do it. Enjoyment is guaranteed! No dance experience or partner needed. The workshop will put you at ease with the basic moves danced to great music of the Ellington, Dorsey and Miller big band era. Just the sorta songs Blue Tuxedo will perform for you at Orca that night. This is a premier 5 piece swing/jazz combo perfect to swing your thing too. Come watch them take Orca back to its original ‘Milk Bar and Cabaret’ days!

Teachers Simon and Michelle, met through their shared interest of all things 1930’s-1950’s. They now spread the swing bug at their Cats Corner Swing Dance club in Hamilton. Simon also plays in Blue Tuxedo. Michelle, known as ‘Retro Kitty Kat’ to her pals, recently performed as a character dancer in the internationally renowned World of Wearable Arts in Wellington. She’s been Lindy hoppin for 10 years now and with her engaging and friendly teaching style, is a wildly popular teacher.

So what exactly is Lindy Hop?! An American Social Dance from the Swing family it evolved in 1920s/30s Harlem, NY. Its well known for its impressive ‘Air Steps’, although these are the domain of serious hoppers! Here the dancer leaves the ground in a dramatic acrobatic style… and in time with the music!! Lindy Hop today is throughout the media, featuring in music videos from Christina Aguilera to Marilyn Manson! A mighty fine eg is ‘Baby Come On’ by NZ’s Elemeno P. Even Homer Simpson loves Lindy: Dancing it in an episode dressed in a Panda suit! Now if 3 people as different as Christina, Marilyn, and Homer all love Lindy, I bet you will too!

Ben Galloway
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