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Take Tractor with you wherever you go….

You can now listen to Raglan’s Tractor FM wherever you are in the world. During the past year the radio station has been working hard developing its website and now offers live streaming over the web. And in keeping with Raglan’s “green” image the station has also been experimenting with solar power to run their transmitter.

A little about Tractor
Tractor FM is not your average radio station. Unlike mainstream radio stations, we have been trying to keep our station relatively advertisement free. Our moto is “its all about the music”.
There are now live shows every night of the week and we are filling day time slots – with twenty five dj’s now breathing their own styles of music into the already rock solid playlist that selects the freshest locally produced beats and timeless classics.
Tractor FM was started as a hobby by a few mates in a backyard shed and has quickly evolved into what it is today. Now having bills to pay we are looking for local business to jump on board the ‘tractor’ and get your business on air and to a worldwide audience. Tractor FM is determined to keep the station about Raglan and not go over the divvy for support.
In our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint we have been experimenting with solar power to run our transmitter. You may of noticed some differences in signal strength, due to lack of sun, which we will look to complement with wind power or more solar panels. Bear with us – full power coming soon.
Tractor FM wishes to thank our sponsors, past and present, and all the people who have put their hands up over the years to make it all possible.

Find Tractor FM at

Rob Bailey

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