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Tastespotting: Wendy Rossiter

A series of interviews with local foodies (people who have an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food). This week the Chronicle caught up with Wendy Rossiter.

How did you become interested in food and cooking?

Growing up we lived on a farm and food was pretty basic, so I was always trying to make it taste more exciting. I love food.

Who are you inspired by ? A foodie relative, a famous chef, a blogger?

My Nan. She was always in the kitchen making jam, pickles, baking, whipping up something amazing and tasty out of nature. We would pick fruit or veges from the garden or some aunty or neighbour would drop off some seafood and she would work her magic. I was always not far away with my tasting spoon.

What’s your attitude towards food. Do you have a certain eating philosophy i.e. Vegan, Paleo or sugar free.

It gets very confusing with all the information about how and what to eat theses days.  I think food is one of Gods gifts to us and we should enjoy it,

be thankful that we have it, of course try to eat fresh and healthy.

Do you follow recipes or do you wing it most of the time?

Definitely wing it. I have a few dishes I make off by heart but I like experimenting and using what I have on hand. My family are my guinea pigs, sometimes Its good, sometimes its interesting.

Do you have many failures in the kitchen?

Not too many. Mainly under cooking.

Do you eat out often. If you do what do you usually go for?

Not really but when I do I will order something that I will never make at home or the most weirdest thing on the menu.

What is your kitchen tool you could not live without?

My Knife.

What ingredients would you bring on a desert island with you –  can only choose 3.

Lemons, garlic, butter.

If you had to go on Masterchef who would you partner up with?

My friend Loren. She is an awesome cook.  She actually wants to do it but she swears a crazy amount so it would be just one big BEEP on the show.

What’s your go to meal when the cupboards are not well stocked? The something out of nothing meal.

Omelette with what ever there is in the fridge in it.

What do you usually take to a pot luck?

Mexican refried beans, salsa and corn chips.

Can you share a simple recipe with our readers:

Salsa: 1 onion

           4 tomato



           bunch of coriander



Dice onion, tomato, cucumber, chilli and coriander and put in bowl. Squeeze in lemon juice and stir. Season. Serve with corn chips or use as a side.

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