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Te Mata School puts on ‘spectacular’ production

More than 300 people crammed into the Te Mata Hall, over two sessions, to watch the Te Mata School children put on their production “We Are The World” last Wednesday.

The story followed Sarah (Lena Hayes) who, along with her shadow (Josh Salmon), discovered the impact of how her small action of littering caused a ‘ripple effect’ across the world.

The theme was chosen as the school was looking at ‘Global Citizenship’ for the term which included a whole-school trip to Hamilton East School where Te Mata school children found how different a city school can be compared to their own.

The whole school of 85 children, enforced the message with their beautiful array of costumes including colourful sea-creatures, uniformed school-children, bar patrons, fishermen, politicians, rubbish and everyday people.
Te Mata School principal Pam Quirke said all involved in the production did a great job, especially the children.
“They were pretty spectacular, I thought.”

Te Mata School teachers Georgia Cox-Wright and Haylee Moeke, who partnered up to bring the production together, said the kids had a great time doing the performance.

Through koha at the door, the production raised $738 which would help with the cost of putting on the production.
Te Mata School Student Josh Salmon, who played Sarah’s shadow, said he learnt a lot and hoped the message would not be lost on the audience.

“Dropping rubbish is wrong and can still cause problems.”

Marcia Ahern

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