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Te Uku Speed Consultation Underway

The New Zealand Transport Authority is currently undertaking consultation to gauge support for a permanent reduction to 80 km/hr at Te Uku. It is an opportunity Te Uku School welcomes.

While electronic school zone signs, installed either side of the school some months ago, have helped raise motorists awareness of driving speed through Te Uku, what the school really wants is a permanent speed reduction through the settlement.

“The signs have helped but there is no speed limit stated on them so there is no requirement for motorists to drop their speed”, says acting principal Bernard Butler.
Though 80 km/hr is the only speed option NZTA are consulting on, Mr Butler is encouraging his school community and others concerned about safety at Te Uku to comment about lower speeds than this, on the feedback form.

“We recognise it is a state highway but if there was an option of 70 km/hr that would be our preference,” he says.
This sentiment is echoed by Te Uku School Board Trustee Chairperson Cathy Knox.
“The lower the better as far as we’re concerned.”

Mrs Knox says the school works hard to manage the part of the congestion outside the school gates it is responsible for. For instance at the end of the school day cars do not leave the car parking area until the school buses have, reducing the amount of movement in and around the car park at any one time.
“However, we get trucks and campervans pulling in that we have no control over,” says Mrs Knox.

To further improve safety for everyone outside the school, planning is underway to build a new parking space at the front of the school. This will coincide with development of a new multipurpose block on the school site.

The Board of Trustees encourages anyone interested in seeing a speed reduction at Te Uku to complete the consultation feedback form provided by NZTA.
“We recognise this is not just an issue for the children and families at Te Uku School. It would be horrible for anyone to be involved in a serious accident at our doorstep”, says Mrs Knox.

Sue Russell

If you would like to contribute your support for a speed reduction please pick up a copy of the form from the Chronicle office, Wainui Road, Raglan. The deadline for consultation is Thursday 20 October. Completed forms can be returned to the Chronicle for processing on to NZTA.

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