This week the Chronicle starts a new series of Q and A interviews with high achieving sports people, past or present, in our community. We begin by talking to the talented Naumai Kereopa Lloyld who is 15 years old and has been selected for the under 16 NZ Netball Development Squad.

Naumai attends Raglan Area School and plays for the local Raglan Sports Netball Club where she recently was presented with the Amelia Kereopa Memorial Cup for outstanding leadership and the Most Valuable Player trophy for her team the ‘Karioi Ferns’.

What age were you when you first started playing netball?
About five or six.

How did you get involved in the sport?
Just played heaps at school in P.E and joined everything I thought would be fun.

Who was your first coach?
I think it was my mum.

Has sport been encouraged in your family as you have grown up?
I grew up with sports, my entire family plays sport, we split our family in half and play each other on Christmas Day

Tell us about the significance of winning the Amelia Kereopa Memorial Cup?
The cup represents “outstanding leadership for the Raglan Sports Netball Club”. It was really nice to win it again, I like helping people and the fact that it was in memorial of my Nan, a great leader and nice lady just made it special.

What has been the highlight of your netball seasons?
Probably getting picked for the NZ Netball Squad. Also playing with friends.

What other sports have you been involved in?
Everything! Surfing, Touch, Basketball, everything!

What advice would you give younger girls who are wanting to excel at netball?
Just have fun, and always work on your skills, go to rep trials and anything that’s out there. Do all you can for what you want.

Tell us about your current involvement with Raglan Sports Netball Club?
I played for the team called Karioi Ferns, I also help out here and there, last year I helped train my younger sister’s team, which was fun.

Who do you feel inspired by?
I don’t really have a role model, I look at people that have done well for themselves, that’s what inspires me.

What are your future plans and goals beyond finishing school?
One of my goals is to complete school with whatever I need for the future.
Future plans, maybe go to university or maybe become a professional netball player. I don’t really mind, I’ll just go with the flow.