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‘Theatre Sports’ casts call for performers

Anything can happen and almost always does when a lively bunch of amateur performers get together for Theatre Sports on Thursday nights where “anyone is welcome.”

Theatre Sports is a form of improvisational theatre which emphasises on building characters and on spontaneous, collaborative storytelling.

Raglan Community Theatre’s Athene Jensen (AJ) said the group met every Thursday evenings, from 7pm – 9pm, where they did warm up exercises “to loosen people up,” role-playing games and, finally, Theatre Sports.
“People are pretty keen to put on a performance,” she said.

Anna Cunningham, who said she would be a regular Theatre Sports-goer, said the group had a huge amount of fun during the first session.

“I haven’t laughed so much in a long time as I did last week…I went home with sore sides,” she said.
AJ said the Theatre Sports sessions were a great way for the group to “pick up some new skills” and for those who “wanna go at something [theatrical] we’ll find you something.”

She said that eventually the Theatre Sports sessions would lead to a performance by “getting people together so we can see where to go.”

“We’re still knocking the ideas around…anything can happen,”
AJ said performers who were interested could attend the next Theatre Sports session to be held on Thursday 11 September at the Raglan Town Hall supper room.

A cost of $2 was required to “cover the hall and cup of tea”, she said.

Marcia Ahern

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