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Raglan Arts Scene

If you’re looking for some of the best art the Waikato region has to offer, you will find plenty of it in Raglan. Picturesque landscapes, a laid-back atmosphere and a healthy dose of kiwi hospitality have enticed some of the country’s best artists and artisans to this coastal town, creating a thriving arts scene.

Raglan’s art community draws inspiration from the natural surroundings – the sea, the shore, waterfalls, cliffs, caves, and some of the best beaches in New Zealand. This striking landscape has combined with the locals’ love of water sports, walking and fishing to inspire photographers, potters, painters, poets, tailors and all manner of other artists from across the Waikato region and world.


Hello Artist Studios & Gallery

11 Bankart St, Raglan
Phone Jodi 027 424 7277

Jet Collective

Bow Street
07 825 8566

Matapihi Art Gallery

34 Bow Street
07 825 6515

Raglan Old School Arts Centre

Stewart Street
07 825 0023

Show Off

2 Bow Street
07 825 7962

Studeo Gallery

Contemporary Art
21 Cross St, Raglan

Toi Hauauru Studio

Simon Te Wheoro – Open daily from 10am Wednesday to Sunday, 4338 Main Road (near Greenslade Rd turnoff)

Raglan Arts Weekend

The Raglan Arts Weekend is the highlight of the Raglan arts calendar.  We have a very talented group of artists in our little community and it’s always exciting to see them unveil their latest pieces.

Traditionally held over the Anniversary Weekend, around 30 artists exhibit over the three days, showcasing an impressive range of painting, ceramics, photography, jewellery and wearable art.

Many artists will be exhibiting from their own studios, while others will be located within the Old School Arts Centre on Stewart Street. All work will be available for purchase, and the artists themselves will be in attendance to chat about their ideas and creative processes.


Yann Bordier

Media: Jewellery Design & Bone Carving
Contact details: 07 825 0310

Miranda Caird

Media: Visual Artist
Contact details: 07 825 0367

Ian Calloway

Media: Rendering/ Sculpture/ Oil/ Landcape
Contact details: 07 825 5778

Robert Currie

Media: Oil/ Acrylic/ Chalk
Contact details: 027 2944 768

Susan Flight

Media: Pottery and Ceramic Art
Contact details: 027 271 6157

Jane Galloway

Media: Portrait & Landscape Painter
Contact details:

Gene Glover

Media: Photography
Contact details:

Peter Hohenberger

Media: Glass
Contact details:

Gaenor Hunter

Media: Canvas/Oils/Acrylic
Contact details: 07 825 0074

Peggy Lee

Media: Painter

Robyn Lloyd

Media: Pottery
Contact details: 07 825 6700/ 027 416 8760

Tai Meuli

Media: Stone Carving
Contact details: 021 055 3856

Ruth Port

Media: Raranga/Weaving
Contact details: 07 825 7267/ 027 3187474

Jenny Rhodes

Media: Visual Artist
Contact details: 021 216 2063

Sarah Steed

Media: Pottery/ Jewellery
Contact details: 07 825 0925/ 021 232 5296

Simon Te Wheoro

Media: Painting/ Ta moko
Contact details: 021 174 4629

Ken Thomas

Media: Oil Painter/ Abstract Surf Art
Contact details: 07 825 8777

Tony Sly

Media: Pottery
Contact details: 07 825 0370

Clare Wimmer

Media: Pottery and Ceramic Art
Contact details: 07 825 7046/ 021 619 567