With the windows covered in newspaper, the little retail space at the bottom of Bow Street (previously Flaxen) will be reopening it’s doors again this Friday, this time as an eclectic gallery and retail space, Three Little Birds.

A conception born from Tony Johnson (Tony T House), Saras Howie and Jess Mason, the collective space is a follow on project from the Raglan Artisan Workshop held at the wharf late last year and earlier this year.

“We have a very artistic community here and we wanted to create a space that caters to the needs and styles of creative people that are a bit left of centre,” says Tony.

A quirky little shop, Three Little Birds will have a mixture of different items on show including retro and vintage, custom-made jewellery and up-cycled art and furniture.

With a cool steampunk vibe, there’ll also be a lot of industrial steel decorating the space.
Spending the last five weeks or so getting the space ready for opening, the shop is coming together nicely with an assorted mix of tidbits shaping the décor.

Pointing out a rustic metal frame that will be used for the changing room curtains Tony says, “ we want to inspire people to think differently about things they wouldn’t necessarily think are ‘art’ and make them use the creative side of their minds a little.”

Holding an opening party on Thursday night, the shop is another addition to the creative spaces around town. The trio hopes that the shop will be an outlet for creative works that don’t always fit into a neat little box.

Three Little Birds opens this Friday 25 October.

Maki Nishiyama