A series interviewing photographers in Raglan. (Email info@raglanchronicle.co.nz if you would like to be profiled as part of this series.)

This week the Chronicle caught up with local photographer Anne Paar.

Tell us a little about how you started with photography?

I became interested in photography during my travels in my early twenties. I’ve always been mesmerized by the sea, and through photography I was able to express my feelings that came with the ever changing the seascapes. When I arrived back in The Netherlands (my home country), I started assisting for a professional photographer to get the ball rolling.

What equipment do you use?

I’m shooting with two Canon 5D mark ll’s and several fixed and zoom lenses. I’m still on the lookout for an analogue camera for personal work.

Do you like shooting in digital or…?

For the type of business I mostly shoot in (weddings), digital is the most practical. I often deliver the client up to 800 photos, most of them shot in a documentary type way. Weddings are an unpredictable and super fast-paced event, where most of my better shots are taken in only a matter of seconds. With analogue camera you take time, slow down and carefully curate the shot. I feel I wouldn’t be able to deliver the client with the same style of photos if I was to shoot analogue. But when it comes down to the look and feel of an analogue versus a digital photo, I prefer analogue. Especially the film rolls that have been used with a medium format camera.

What are some of your favourite things to shoot?

I shoot everything and nothing, from food to street scenes, interior to nature and people to events. For personal work I photograph anything that has an interesting mood or lighting situation to it. What I love to do most is to during holidays to wander the streets by myself with my camera and let my curiosity dictate where I’m going next.

Last five photos you shot?

Pregnancy photos taken here at Raglan beach around sunset for a past client of mine.

Are there any photographers or artists that you are inspired by?

There’s so many photographers and artist I look up to and take inspiration from, small and big names. I love the work of Jonas Peterson, Danelle Bohane, Sebastiao Salgado, Eric van den Elsen.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as emotional, romantic and clean. With clean I mean that my photos are usually free from disturbing elements, and I try to create a more ‘perfect’ image than what is realistically going on at that time.   

Have you got any funny photo shoot experiences?

During one of the weddings my second shooter was taking ‘getting ready’ photos at the clients house. She wanted to photograph something in the bedroom, but to do so she first needed to tidy up some clutter. She removed a hanging wardrobe on a door, but to her surprise from underneath appeared a decent size whip! To clarify, there were no horses in or around the house.

The story behind your cover photo:

This image is taken during cold winters morning on Cliff Street. I wanted to record Raglan in a more moody and wintery scene. That’s what winter is all about for me – emptiness, loneliness and moodiness.

How can people contact you?

Most weekdays I am working at Chris Meek Studio’s on 21 Cross Street so people are always welcome to pop in, or you can call or email me here p.02102717194 e. info@annepaarphotography.com