Tickets for this year’s Artowear Awards, being held on Saturday 5th June at the Raglan Town Hall, go on sale today (Thursday 13 May). There are two shows on offer — an afternoon show ($15 adult, $5 child) and an evening show ($15 adult/child). Tickets will be on sale at the Information Centre. But be quick — in previous years tickets have sold out quickly.
There’s still time to enter the awards although registrations need to be in by Friday 28 May. Entry forms can be downloaded from or picked up from the Old School Arts Centre on Stewart Street.


‘Washed up’ : Recycled (at least 80 %) – Open to all ages
‘GREEN’ : Open to all ages
Kiwiana Kitsch : Open to all ages
Be Pacific : Pacifica – Open to all ages
Crazy Creatures : Children’s section – under 13 years
Exhibition : Pre-shown garments

Most of those entering the awards are keeping quiet about their designs but we caught up with a few creative souls who were willing to let a few secrets slip.
Lin Van Craenenbroeck of Moz-Art.

“I’m planning to enter a few outfits. One of my ideas is to make something out of bicycle inner tubes. All my outfits will be something you can wear afterwards — I want them to be useful.”

Liz Hosking

One of the designs Liz is entering into this year’s Awards is an outfit she first started work on three years ago. “It’s made out the most common, mundane household items you can imagine,” she says. “It’s something you wouldn’t even consider recycling.” Liz is also working on an outfit with friend Jenny and their four year olds Sunny and Emija. “It’s evolving as we create it but it’s far from finished,” she says.