How did Right Up My Alley originate?

Well…we (my partner Keith and I) started with RAGLAN DEALERS on the main St which was at the time a rundown second-hand shop.

We built that up over 8 years to be a very well known collectables shop. Then we decided to open a second shop with more of a focus on art & world furnishings (including antiques), keeping the two shops different from each other.

After a couple of years with the two shops we decided that there wasn’t enough time for the kids and one had to go so we sold RAGLAN DEALERS and then we were free to expand RIGHT UP MY ALLEY to more of a mix like we had before but with a smaller shop more selective buying was needed.

How would you describe your business?

It’s a wonderful, eclectic mix of not only old & new, native & exotic (like the logo says) but of masculine taste and feminine taste because it’s filled up with things that Keith really likes and has collected and sourced.

The more feminine items like the jewellery, I make and collect for you to adorn yourselves with, and the textiles and lamps, soaps, shells etc…I think that they all go together beautifully. Something for everyone, if you have the time to really look.

What do you like about living and running a business in Raglan?
The lifestyle. Keith’s a kite surfer and surfer and our sons a kite surfer. Raglan is their playground. We both love the business we are in. It’s like Christmas every week when Keith gets back from hunting & collecting trips and the van is full of quirky, interesting curios and beautiful old & retro pieces of furniture that are full of character.

What is one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?
My jewellery ….and in the winter my possum fur merino socks from Right Up My Alley and my Scintilla jackets.

Do you prefer high street, vintage, designer or homemade?

A mix of all of them.

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Just to have fun with colours and textiles.