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Top movies to screen at the Old School…

Mark your diaries now so you don’t miss next week’s great movies at the Old School — a winter treat right here in Raglan.

LAST PARADISE: Friday June 17th @ 7.30pm. Raglan surf history like never before! Amidst the politics of the atomic age and cold war, young mavericks in NZ, Australia and USA opted out of mainstream society to pursue a dream. Last Paradise is the story of how they crossed paths, invented new lifestyles, adventures and technology and eventually discovered the world’s secret paradises. Not to be missed.

SARAH’S KEY: Saturday June 18th @ 4.30pm and 7pm, also Sunday June 19th @ 4.30pm. French drama starring Kristin Scott Thomas as a present day American journalist investigating the story of a young Jewish girl who experiences theVel’d’Hiv Roundup in Nazi occupied France in 1942. (M) ‘Passionate, moving and filled with truth’ Rating ****

Saturday evening is Movie & Currie night with delicious curry from Namaste Kitchen (7pm session only). Advance bookings advised for this session. Snacks available at other sessions Contact Raglan Old School Arts Centre for bookings and further information: 825 0023 or email

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