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Understanding Tsunamis and Tsunami Hazards in Aotearoa and Around the World

An evening of interesting science featuring a presentation for all ages describing the causes and effects of tsunami disasters that have rocked our world in recent years, will be FREE and open to the public next Tuesday (28th June) at Vinnies Restaurant, Raglan.

6:00 — 6:30pm – opening reception. 6:30 — 7:30pm presentations.

Special Guest Speaker — Professor Shun-ichi Koshimura of the Disaster Control Research Center (DCRC), Tohoku Japan. Professor Koshimura will describe his first hand accounts of the recent, March 11, Great Tohoku Japan earthquake and tsunami and the devastation it brought to his home town. He will share stories of hope and survival as the Tohoku region rebuilds after this terrible disaster.

Tsunami scientist and Raglan resident, Dr. Jose Borrero, will open and close the evening’s presentation with an introduction explaining the science of tsunamis, a brief description of recent tsunami history and a discussion on reducing tsunami risk on both a personal and societal level.

Jose is a scientist working with Raglan based consultancy ASR Ltd. and an Adjunct Professor with the University of Southern California Tsunami Research Centre. He has been actively involved in all areas if tsunami research for more than 15 years and has surveyed the effects of 14 tsunami events since 1995. He wishes to share his knowledge about tsunamis with the community in an effort to raise awareness and minimize future disasters.

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