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Vintage day for Veteran

It was a vintage occasion last Saturday for Raglan centenarian Peter Green — and he went to it in vintage style.

A Model T Ford drove him from his Cliff Street home around the town and past Raglan’s new museum, before stopping at St Peter’s parish hall where a big afternoon party had been arranged to celebrate his milestone. But the Model T still wasn’t quite as vintage as Peter, being a mere 96 years old.

“It (the Model T) was a surprise for me and for everyone,” said Peter whose son had arranged the drive through a friend.

Peter told the Chronicle it was a “marvellous” day and that he was overwhelmed by the sheer joy and pleasure of it all.
He’d invited a number of Raglan people to share his shindig and his family had invited 70 to 80 more from all over the country, including his grand-daughter from Christchurch.
Peter was “very humbled” by it all, he said.

“And I’m not 100 years old,” he insisted. “I’m 100 years young.”

Peter started out as a car painter in Frankton, making quite a name for himself before developing a workshop and factory which later evolved through one of his sons as local export success story Greens Industries.

Edith Symes

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