Raglan Weather and Climate

There are a number of natural features that create a micro-climate in the Raglan area; Mt. Karioi and the surrounding hills provides shelter for wind and cloud as well as the ocean which can create sea breezes and moderate the general temperature of the area during summer and winter.

In general, New Zealand weather can be very changeable and it is often said that you get four seasons in one day – so try to be prepared if you’re heading out for the day!


Average air temperature over summer is generally in the 20-25°C range. The sun in New Zealand can feel a lot hotter than what the air temperature reads so make sure you have sunblock and a hat if you’re planning a day outdoors. Burn time in New Zealand can be around 12 minutes in the peak of summer.


Average air temperature over winter is generally in the 8-15°C range. New Zealand’s lush greenery is a result of plenty of rainfall so expect a bit of rain if you’re visiting in winter. It doesn’t get cold enough to snow but it can get pretty chilly anyway so make sure you’re prepared with warm clothing. On the upside, the surf cranks here over winter!

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