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West Coast Health Clinic update

We have extended our opening hours for the next school term so the clinic will now be open until 7pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We hope that this will help to cater for our patients who have to commute out of town.

Whooping cough rates are still higher than usual so for a limited time we will be offering a free vaccine for partners and household contacts of newborn babies as well as pregnant women. Please contact the clinic for more information.

We are currently updating patients’ details on our records as we are finding that some people may have moved or changed telephone numbers and have forgotten to tell us. This can cause issues when we are sending out referral letters or trying to contact people with results of tests. If you have made any changes recently can you please e mail so we can update your contacts or alternatively speak to the receptionist the next time you are attending the clinic.

After upgrading our computer system late last year we donated some of our old PC’s to groups within the community including the Kindergarten, Golf Club, Kohanga, Te Mata School and DotK Gourmet.

We have two left so if you could make good use of them please contact

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