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Wharf building named as finalist in colour awards

A fresh start for the damaged Raglan wharf building has transformed the community space — and has captured the attention of the judges in coveted Australasian-based colour awards.

The project has earned its designer, Robert Dowling of Beca, recognition as a finalist in the Dulux Colour Awards 2013, battling entries from Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand to make the shortlist for the best commercial exterior colour scheme.

After a destructive fire ruined Raglan’s old wharf and building, Beca was commissioned to re-invent the local landmark to reflect both the history of the site and the fresh, ever-changing feel of the coast.

The finished work is “a community centrepiece”, says Dulux Colour expert Louise McKenzie-Smith.

“The project captures the stunning beauty of the natural environment, while still referencing the existing structure of the building” says McKenzie-Smith.

The guiding concept for the new building was ‘long life, loose fit’ — meaning the look needed to be long-lasting, but still be adaptable as needs for the space change. Materials needed to withstand the corrosive environment of the West Coast. Using Dulux paints, the scheme combined vibrant colours drawn from the existing building as well incorporating the palette of natural features surrounding the wharf – the sea and harbour, iron sands of the west coast beaches, the cliffs and flats that surround the harbour and the vast sky.

Steph McDonald

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