Lorenzen Bay was more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic early this week — there was also no picnic table or rubbish bin for the crusts. Or none at least that you could get to without a decent pair of waders.

It was only a 2.7 metre high tide on Monday morning but that combined with the wild weather and strong winds was enough to flood the pocket-sized recreation area and some low-lying beachfront sections nearby.

A handful of properties also looked accessible only by 4WD, which may have given the odd local a good excuse for being late for work or the first day back at school.

Elsewhere in Raglan there was some localised flooding and debris strewn across roads. In some areas — such as at the Wainui Road-Stewart Street intersection — flash flooding receded almost as quickly as it came but in traditional problem spots like near the far end of Riria Kereopa Memorial Drive the flooding disrupted access for several hours.

Flocks of seagulls were in their element in an area of ponding near the Kopua boat ramp but around the corner near the one-way traffic bridge a load of rubbish obviously blown off a truck or trailer made for a less attractive sight.

Surprisingly the fire service reported only one early morning callout, to a household with a leaking roof in Raglan West